All NEUROWIND e.V. grants are currently assigned.

We will announce the next funding period on our website as soon as possible.

Grant applications require the approval by all authors. Missing this mandatory aspect within the application form will lead to immediate rejection. Resubmitting an initially rejected application is excluded.

Multiple grant applications from members of one group/institution for the same event should be coordinated by the PI. In general only one application per group for a given meeting will be supported.

Publication grant:
Publication expenses are currently supported with 750 EUR.

Travel grant:
The travel grant comprises 500 EUR within Germany, 1000 EUR for European destinations and 1500 EUR in all other cases.

Meeting reimbursement:
Participants of the annual NEUROWIND e.V. meeting are eligible for a travel cost reimbursement of maximum 200 EUR.


NEUROWIND e.V. logo download
In case of a positive application decision NEUROWIND e.V. permits the use of its official logo for the acknowledgement section of your talk or poster. Following the neighboring download link provides you two versions of the logo that are suited for dark and bright backgrounds.

Please choose your desired form on the right in order to proceed.