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Annual NEUROWIND e.V. Scientific Meeting

The annual NEUROWIND e.V. meeting traditionally takes place at the meeting venue "Residenz am Motzener See" ( in Mittenwalde / Motzen close to Berlin. All meeting participants are provided a hotel shuttle for the transfer from and to the airport Tegel as well as Berlin's central station. This service is free of charge and should be booked by directly contacting the hotel's reception.

There is no further booking required since NEUROWIND e.V. centrally organizes and fully covers the costs of accommodation and meals (except room service or minibar) for all participants. Please let us know in advance if you want to stay less than two nights in order to redistribute vacancies. Travel costs up to a fixed amount can additionally be reimbursed by NEUROWIND e.V. via the reimbursement form on the website and the transmittal of all associated, original receipts to the NEUROWIND e.V. secretary.

Scientific talks can be given in German or English and should not exceed 20 min. including 5 min. discussion. Please provide your presentation file to the NEUROWIND e.V. technical representative not later than during the last coffee or lunch break before your talk.
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